Deceit Treat by Cameron Francis (Tutorial)

A stunning miracle with a BORROWED SHUFFLED deck. Deceit Treat is an effect that you will immediately want to perform. The secret is satisfying and the effect is completely impossible.

A borrowed shuffled deck is cut into three packets. They choose whichever packet they want, it's a completely free choice. A card is freely selected from that packet and shuffled back in. The spectator even shuffles the card. Next the spectator deals cards to find their card only to discover it is not so easy. The magician then uses his power of intuition to reveal the spectators card and it works every time.

Deceit Treat has everything you want in a great card effect. The plot is engaging. The effect is impossible,deceptive and the secret is really great. Just any borrowed shuffled deck and you can perform this effect. Deceit Treat is also self working so you can focus purely on your performance without worrying about difficult sleight of hand.

Self Working
Completely Impromptu
Borrowed Shuffled Deck
No Forces

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