WTF by Will Tsai (Tutorial)

Are you tired of all the fancy movie style magic demo that shows you a lot of cool video edit techniques but you have no clue what the effect looks like? This is the WTF effect from start to finish, with a simple one shot.

The performer introduces a blue backed deck of cards, fans them out, breaks the spread, and shows them all to be different. A card is selected and remembered and the deck is closed. Placing the deck face down, the performer's hands waves over the deck and instantly and visually, it changes to red! Not just the top card, but every single card in the deck is now red! But that's not all!

Fanning the spread face up, every single card matches the spectator's selection. Every. Single. Card. Amazing!

Highlights: Yes, the spread can be broken and every card can be displayed in full view before and after the change. No odd movements. Just a simple spread and re-spread. Yes, you can allow the magic to happen in spectators' hands and end clean if so desired!

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