Tornado Twist by Kieron Johnson (Tutorial)

I've never seen anything like this trick. But when you watch the video, you may think it has to do with sleeves. It doesn't. He does it with short sleeves later on, plus there's a full performance (video #2)

Inside someone's CLOSED FIST, you cause metal to bend and REALLY TWIST. They can feel it AND SEE IT TWIST. Think about that... Seriously, it's empathy time: Think about how freaky that must feel. Think about how unforgettable that experience is.

Kieron Johnson has become famous for his outside-the-box thinking, and this has his signature all over it. He's taken metal bending to a different planet, while still making it practical for real-world magicians to perform at paid gigs. He teaches a full metal bending routine so you can drop this right into your act.

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